Christmas At Hogwarts Year 4 | Goblet Of Fire

Christmas At Hogwarts Year 4 | Goblet Of Fire

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Christmas At Hogwarts

Year 4

Advent Calendar


⚡️Welcome back students ⚡️ to your fourth year at 🔮Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 🔮 We are pleased to announce that this year, Hogwarts will play host to the students of Durmstrang, 🏋️‍♂️ and the lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, 👒 as well as their Headmaster and Headmistress.

This year, we will be holding the 🏆Tri-Wizard Tournament! 🏆 One representative student from each school will be able to compete for eternal glory, and win the Tri-Wizard Cup! 

🧜🏻‍♀️Anything could happen this year, 🧜 so make sure you book early! At checkout, you will be able to sort yourself into your house, which will effect your final skein to open on Christmas morning! 🦁🦅🦡🐍

The house elves have been on overdrive getting all the beds ready, and the owls are ready to go out. Get ready for an extraordinary year, with many surprises and exciting twists and turns. 

**DISCLOSURE** do not purchase this advent with any other yarn. We will have to cancel the order and try again. The box we are shipping these in is large enough to hold the advent only!! ****

All advent calendars will include:  
*** 24 (20g.) hand dyed mini skeins, inspired by the themes of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. And 1 100(g) skein of fingering weight yarn, inspired by themes surrounding your house during this book. 

Base: 85% SW Merino Wool/15% Nylon

Minis: 20 Grams, 86 Yards
Fingering weight 4ply

Surprise mini patterns will be included, designed by both Dragon Hoard Designs and Christy Houghton Designs. 

This advent calendar is a yearly joint collaboration by Dragon Hoard Yarn and Yarn Cafe Creations. Get ready for spectacular colorways, coming to you from a mother daughter team! 🙌

Thank you for participating in our advent calendar, We appreciate your support in every way, and try our best every year to bring these books to life. 
Your house choices will be*:
Slytherin: House colors are green and silver;
Gryffindor: House colors are scarlet and gold;
Hufflepuff: House colors are yellow and black;
Ravenclaw: House colors are blue and bronze.

*Note: All advent calendars will contain the same exact mini skeins, no matter what house you are in. The day 25 main skein colorway will be based on the house you choose.

Washing: I always recommend hand-washing on cold for best results, lie flat to dry.

Color tone and placement very from skein to skein, due to the hand dyed nature of this yarn. This is a mystery yarn advent, and refunds will not be given for disinterest in colorways created. 

I try my best to take photos to accurately represent the colors but since each computer/mobile device displays pictures slightly differently, colors may differ a little in person than what you see on your screen.