Heart Gate | Crescent City Collection

Heart Gate | Crescent City Collection

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Inspired by where all the powers converge to make the drop, from the Crescent City collection. 

Bases available: 
Lore Sock Base: High Twist Worsted Spun
4 ply
436 yards
Materials : Fingering weight 85% Superwashed Merino Wool, 15% Nylon

Nymph Suri Alpaca

74% Baby Suri Alpaca 26% Silk 

328 yards 50 grams 


Myth Base : High twist Worsted Spun Fingering Weight                                                                        436 Yards 100 Grams.                                                  75% SW Merino Wool 25% Nylon 

Beast Fingering Weight 

100% NON Superwashed Highland Wool

2 ply 436 yards 100 grams 

This is a non super wash, so the colors are a little less vibrant, but still stunning. Definitely wash in cool water, and don’t agitate when soaking. This two ply accents a dark ply going through the yarn off and on. It’s great for colorwork, and a hearty toothy base. 



70% Kid Mohair 30% silk 

50 Grams 459 yards 

 Shipping is usually within five days, but could take up to two weeks.

Adventure Aran Weight: 

181 yards 100 grams 100% SW BFL 

Goblin Slub :

90% SW Merino Wool 10% Nylon

436 yards 100 grams 

Storyteller Worsted 

100% SW Merino Wool 

217 yards 100 grams 

Fairytale DK 

100% SW Merino Wool 

230 yards 100 grams 

Sprite Gold Stellina 

75% SW Merino Wool 20% Nylon 5% Gold Stellina

436 yards 100 grams 

Washing: I always recommend hand-washing on cold for best results, lie flat to dry.

Color tone and placement very from skein to skein, due to the hand dyed nature of this yarn. Please note that before purchasing the yarn.

I try my best to take photos to accurately represent the colors but since each computer/mobile device displays pictures slightly differently, colors may differ a little in person than what you see on your screen.