Holiday Knitting, Holiday Yarn, & Puppies!!

Hello Crafters!!

Welcome back to the Dragon Yarn Den! I thought it was about time for a check in.

Around this time of the year, it can get a bit crazy with the holiday prepping, and I wanted to share some holiday knitting I've been working on recently. Every year, I try so hard to be able to do some hand crafts for presents for family and friends, and always end up running out of time. This year, I have mapped out an idea to make all my family members a pair of socks!! 

To be able to get them all done (11 pairs), I was able to save up and purchase an erlbacher gearheart speedster sock knitting machine.  It was a big splurge, but I'm excited to see the results (once I figure out the machine...). I have a huge self-striping collection that I'm excited to use up, as well as some of my holiday yarns that will be coming out this coming weekend!! Some of my favorite hand dyed self-striping yarn is made by Nomadic Yarns, as she has curated some incredible sock bases, and always has fun themes. An affordable alternative to hand dyed is a commercial self striping yarn from Knit Picks. I am always in love with a few of their quarterly colorways in their Felici Base! 

I am also planning on baking banana bread to go along with each pair of socks for each recipient! Though I'm guilty of not being a huger baker, (or one who eve cooks all that much) I made some killer banana bread this year that killed me!! I can't wait to share it with family members!! It's a great beginner recipe if you are anything like me and needs all the help you can get, or even just a mindless yummy treat for all you pros out there! 

What's Been Happening?

If you follow us on instagram @dragon_hoard_yarn  you will have seen a few new additions to the Dragon Hoard Yarn team!! 

My husband Eric has been able to start working full time with us, and is helping me by prepping all my dye days, and maintaining the studio. He is the reason that we are going to be able to create so many amazing new kits and colorways in the New Year!! 

As a 'thank you' to him, I sneakily (over the course of 4 weeks) was able to go meet and pick out a cute new coworker for him!! I met Lulu at 3 weeks, and she was able to come live with us at 8 weeks!! She is a little black and white French Bulldog, and will get to be about ten lbs. She has now been with us for almost a month, and has taken over!! Our other older dogs are getting used to her, but we are still definitely in the adjustment stages. Because she is so small, I (obviously) had to knit her a few sweaters!!

With Utah getting to be cold right now, she is so grateful to be sporting her hand knits on the way to the studio every morning. I am using yarn from dyers that I have met and adore like Leanne if Forbidden Fiber Co, and will be using an Aran weight by Hole in the Wool for her next one. I am planning an Autumn Court Sweater for her to match mine of course, But that might have to wait until she is finished growing!! 

Holiday Yarn Collection

We are excited to announce that we will be working on our Holiday Collection this week!! 

Every year around the holidays, I feel drawn to reading and listening to all The Chronicles Of Narnia books, and none more so than The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. We have decided to create six (or more) new colorways based off this series!! The collection will be due to release on November 1 @10:00 AM MST! 

Here is a sneak peek at two of the colorways coming!! 

Lantern Waste: 

Cherry Cordial:

I can't wait to show you all the other amazing colorways we have planned, including: Mrs. B's Teacozy, Father Christmas, Tea With Tunmus, and Jadis. We will be showing sneak peeks on our Instagram page, so make sure you have those notifications on!! Everything will be available on Nov. 1.

Bases include: 

Lore Fingering, Myth Fingering, Fairytale DK, (possibly) Lore DK, Goblin Slub Fingering, Pegasus Mohair, Nymph Lace Suri Alpaca, and mini sets in our Sprite Gold Stellina, & Fae Single Ply Fingering. 

We are still planning on releasing an exclusive Christmas Sock Set, and Yule Sock Set this year, closer to Thanksgiving, so stay tuned for more info on those!! We are planning a very Fae-type of feeling to both of those!! 

I hope to see you all getting your hands on some of our Holiday goodies!! Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek at what we are planning for Black Friday!! And as always, thanks for coming by and sticking around!! Love to you all!!






  • Gosh I wish I knew you were looking for a sock machine. I have a new, never used one I would have totally bartered with you!!! Please let me know if you want another one!

  • I can’t believe I didn’t know you blogged?! So good! This Narnia Collection is going to be epic, I can feel it!

  • So exciting! I love the book series. I have the set my grandparents had. I can’t wait for this collection.
    Lulu is so cute. I bet it’s fun knitting her little sweaters.


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