Shipping Times

Shipping times are 1-2 weeks for normal orders. We have a package pickup come once a week (usually Thursdays), and they take all packages up to that point. If we miss you that week, we will get you shipped out the next. 

We do this so that we have more time to dye yarn and make all the goodies, instead of spending time every day to do a drop off at the post office. 

Dyed to order/Sip & Knit/Clubs/Advents and all other preorder items:

All these have their exact shipping date on the actual listing. Make sure you note whether or not something is a preorder item before purchasing, as it will hold up all other items in the order placed at the same time. 

When upgrading your shipping from First Class to Priority, please note that you are upgrading the shipping time for USPS, not for Dragon Hoard Yarn. Our processing time will always be 1-2 weeks (unless otherwise indicated on specific listings), and we do not offer rushed shipping. As a one woman show when it comes to the dyeing, winding, labeling,  processing, and shipping orders, I cannot accommodate this. Please note before purchase.