Sip & Knit Club Info

We are SO excited for our Sip & Knit Clubs!! 

These clubs are the perfect meditative way for a little splurging on some self-care. All the curated boxes are one of a kind themes, all from small businesses. All Sip & Knit Clubs will come with at least 100 (G) of hand dyed yarn (weight and base will be listed in the description of each listing.), as well as something to sip on.

Make sure you read the listings though, as each club is different, and offers different items each time. Some may have a mug & coffee in them, while some of them will have coffee & a canvas bag. We do this so that there is a sliding scale of accessibility to more people monetarily, and more people have a chance to participate. 

All clubs are inspired by some of my favorite books and series that I think others would enjoy!! We have limited amounts every time, and the colorways will not be replicated later for the shop. 

So, preorder a club of your favorite book theme, or be adventurous and try a new series!! Give yourself a bit of self-care time, and escape into a new world!