Self-Care & Comfort Zones

Hello Crafters!! 

It has been all sorts of busy busy busy here at the Dragon Den this last week. We are currently packaging up our annual Christmas At Hogwarts Advent Calendars, and it's been a mad dash to get everything together! (The house elves were definitely on overdrive this year!)

I'm so excited to be able to get these wonderful calendars out this week, and continue working on our other two advents going out next week: A Lonely Mountain Christmas, & Fade Into Fae Yule advent. -- This year, I may have dyed up a few extra of each, due to be available soon!! (subscribers to this newsletter will know first!!) 


Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

Dyeing advents is always an exciting experience, because it allows for total creative freedom with colors. As a dyer, I know I gravitate to colors that match my aesthetic. However, advent calendars allow me to play around with different combinations that help expand my color comfort zone. I think, in any field of interest, it's important to push yourself in order to grow as a maker. 

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in different arenas can also help with self care. I know for me, I can find myself in a creative rut, and lose inspiration fast. When this happens, I play with colors, or listen to audio books with design in mind.

Also, looking at the social media feeds of other makers/designers can help you look at things from different angles. For instance, The Rose Cardigan by Andrea Mowry, has a different type of construction than I would think to use for one of my sweaters. By looking at this design, it reminds me that there are no set rules when creating!!! You don't have to start at the top or at the bottom. You can come in with an idea from sideways, and make something incredible!!


A few things that have inspired me this week were:


1. Obviously.... Lulu needs a Christmas and Yule sweater. 

2. Listening to The Hobbit on audible, and thinking up amazing colorways for the future. 

3. Working on mini patterns to release during advent. 


A little Self-Care Never Hurts!! 

One thing I have been working on recently, is trying to release a pattern with kits available once a month. This last month, I was working on releasing my Lehabah sweater and sweater dress patterns, but fell short on time. Normally, my gut reaction is to push myself to get it done anyways, no matter the amount of stress it put on me mentally or physically. - Instead.... I have decided to push the release date to December 1. 

By doing something as easy as changing the release date, I have set an attainable expectation for myself that still pushed me to finish everything early. It also takes the unrealistic expectations that I put on myself off, and gives me mental energy to work on other short term goals first. 

Sometimes, we all need that little reminder to put ourselves, and our mental health first. So here is a little reminder to you.....

You deserve that cup of coffee! 

You deserve that skein of yarn!

You deserve that 5 minute break! 

You deserve that chocolate bar! 

You deserve a new cast on! 

You deserve to put something off!! 

You deserve to not count your WIPs and consider them Marley's chains instead of the magical bags of creation that they are!! 

Surprise Release!!

Lulu is here to tell you about our brand new pattern that's coming out!! 

Due to the excitement surrounding our Salem Sweater coming out on Black Friday, we wanted to create a matching hat pattern to get you excited for it!! With this hat pattern, you will be able to try out the cable and bobble section from the sweater, and practice it with either mohair lace or suri lace held with fingering weight.

I know a sweater can sometimes seem daunting because of the technical details in it, but it shouldn't hold you back from trying!! The Salem Slouchy Hat will be a perfect intro to help you practice the skills needed for the Salem Sweater!! We will be releasing the pattern and kits this Friday @1:00 PM MDT! Watch for the pattern and kits here, and the pattern on Ravelry! (soon to also be on Ribblr

I hope you all have an incredible week, and find time to dedicate to yourself!! 

Watch next week for some more sneak peeks of what we'll be bringing out for Black Friday this year!! We have so many fun kits and exclusive collections that we will be releasing!! 







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