The Day Is Here!!

It has finally happened!! After planning for over a year, finishing school, and quitting my day job.... I finally have my website up and running! I am so excited to be starting this journey, and thank you all for coming along with me! 

There are so many exciting things on the horizon for Dragon Hoard Yarn, and I am thrilled to be able to share them with all of you! 

First up, after the launch of the new site on 6/20 (baby launch) I will be having my first official update on 6/22 @ 10:00 AM MDT.

The following week, I am continuing the collaboration I have with Yarn Cafe Creations (@yarn_cafe_creations and! We have 20 total slots (10 in my shop) open for our yearly Magical Christmas Advent! Those listings will go live at 9:00 AM MDT o 6/29!

Coming up soon as well, I will be participating in the #TITSOUTCOLLECTIVE, hosted by @countessablaze. (please follow her to read up on the full story) She first came out with a colorway called, "If I Want Exposure, I'll Get My Tits Out", in response to a tasteless response of her declining to give away her product for free. (bravo!!) A month later, a customer had purchased some of that colorway, and decided to reproduce it. Being tasteful, but hurt, the countess wanted to draw attention to the matter without calling the person out or shaming them. She came up with the #TITSOUTCOLLECTIVE in response. She asked other indie dyers to come up with their own version of the colorway, and donate part of the proceeds to a charity of their choice. I will be donating mine to The Trevor Project. 

Being a yarn dyed that has been around for a couple years, I have seen many up-and-coming dyers find a little too much inspiration in my colorways, and use them as a template for their own products. When you are in this type of situation, there is little that you can do about it. I don't think that it is right to publicly humiliate someone for doing something like this, or get too emotional about the matter. It is hard, and it really hurts when you put yourself into something, and another person turns around and copies your idea. 

I think that how the Countess is approaching this sensitive topic is perfect!! Let's not point fingers, but let's bring awareness to this! If a maker can recognize their work in yours.... find inspiration elsewhere. I love the original thought behind the colorway to begin with, and being able to participate in something that brings a level of awareness to all of these issues is simply amazing!! I will be dying up a special colorway soon, and put it in the shop on July 1, as will all the other makers that will be involved. I cannot wait!!


  • Congratulations on your new website! I’m so excited to see your business flourishing Tristen. Your one of my favorite shops and I absolutely love your yarn, & color ways. I see so many awesome things happening for you in the future, because you love what you do and your not afraid to work hard to accomplish your dreams! Wishing you all the best forwonderful thing to come💕😄

    Karen Compton
  • Yay!! Your website is gorgeous! You’ve done a fantastic job designing it. ❤️
    And I think that is such a lovely response to something so unkind. I cannot wait to see the colorway you come up with!


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