New Years Mystery Skeins | Set Of 3 | Lighter Weight Yarn

New Years Mystery Skeins | Set Of 3 | Lighter Weight Yarn

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It’s that time of the year again!! The time where we go through to refresh our inventory to find the colorways we want to keep for the rest of the year!! We’ve played around with many colorways, and tons of one of a kind batches, as well as a few ‘oopsie s’, and are ready to put them all in the shop at our once a year discount!! 

 You will receive THREE mystery skeins across these bases, of colors I think will go fantastically together!! 

Note: when buying multiple packs, duplicate colorways most likely will happen, depending on how many you purchase. These are prepackaged, and will come as they are. I will of course do my best not to have several of the same colorway, but it is a likely possibility when purchasing more than one pack. 

There are no requests of color families, bases, or color combos- just super luck of the draw! ☺️ 

Possible bases:

Pegasus Lace 

Nymph Suri 

Lore Fingering 

Myth Fingering 

Goblin Slub Fingering 

Beast Fingering 

Tweed Fingering (rainbow or otherwise) 

Sprite Sparkle

Legend Sport

Nixie Sport

 Base info:   

Pegasus Lace: 72% kid silk, 28% mohair. 459 yards per 50(g). Non Superwashed. 

Nymph Suri: 74% baby Suri alpaca, 26% silk. 328 yards per 50(g). Non Superwashed. 

Lore Fingering: 85% SW Merino Wool 15% Nylon. 436 yards per 100(g). 

Myth Fingering: 75% SW Merino Wool 25% Nylon. 463 yards per 100(g). 

Goblin Slub Fingering: 90% SW Merino Wool 10% Nylon. 436 yards per 100(g). 

Beast Fingering: 100% Highland wool 436 yards per 100(g). Non Superwashed. 

Tweed Fingering: 85% SW Merino Wool, 15% donegal neps. 436 yards per 100(g). 
Sprite Sparkle: 85% SW Merino Wool 10% Nylon 5% gold (or bronze) Stellina. 400 yards per 100(g). 

Legend Sport: 100% Non Superwashed Merino Wool. 328 yards per 100(g). 

Nixie Sport: 100% SW Merino Wool. 328 yards per 100(g). 

Care For Your Knits:

Washing: I always recommend hand-washing on cold for best results, lie flat to dry. This is a Superwashed base, but some bleeding may occur. I suggest using a color catcher or steam blocking. 

Note Before Purchase: 

Color tone and placement vary from skein to skein, due to the hand dyed nature of this yarn. Please note that before purchasing the yarn.

I try my best to take photos to accurately represent the colors but since each computer/mobile device displays pictures slightly differently, colors may differ a little in person than what you see on your screen.


All orders are shipped in the order they are received. Depending on the influx of orders per week, Please allow up to 2 weeks for orders to ship. Packages are picked up once a week from USPS only, so if we don’t ship your package out the first week, know that it will be in next weeks pickup.