All About That Base

Here is all the information I have on each base I am planning on carrying full time in my shop! Temporary yarn bases will be indicated with a * by them.

Lore Base:

85% Superwashed Merino Wool 15% Nylon 100 grams, 436 yards. Fingering Weight Sock Yarn - This is a high twist, worsted spun fingering weight yarn. That means that this yarn was combed through before they spun it into fingering weight yarn. With combing the yarn first, all the fibers are going the same direction, which causes less "pilling" with your knits. This is my ideal yarn for socks, as it holds that bounce that we love with merino, as well as being hard-wearing. 

Shepherdess Base: 

80% Superwashed Blue Faced Leicester 20% Nylon - 100 Grams, 400 Yards, Fingering Weight Sock Yarn- This is absolutely one of my new favorite yarns! This yarn base is a tough-wearing yarn with a long staple. Instead of merino, which is soft and squishy, this yarn base is durable and toothier. If you are looking for a rustic feel to a beautiful garment, this is definitely what I would use. Great for colorwork, also amazing in socks!

Magic Base:

 75% Superwashed Wool 25% Nylon. DK Weight. 100 Grams, 246 Yards. This longer staple DK yarn is my ideal go-to for DK sweaters. I call this yarn "Magic" because it takes so long for it to show signs of wear! 

Fairy Base: 

70% Superwashed Merino Wool 25% Nylon 5% Stelina. 100 Grams, 462 Yards. Fingering Weight Sock Yarn. (sparkle) This base is in the shop every now and then. It is a woolen spun yarn that is great for adding a little glitz to your everyday knit.