All About That Base

Here is all the information I have on each base I am planning on carrying full time in my shop! Temporary yarn bases will be indicated with a * by them.

Pegasus Lace Weight Mohair Base: 

74 % Kid Silk 28% Mohair - 459 yards per 50 grams. This is a great lace weight yarn to hold double for sweaters and shawls. See it in my Spellman Sweater Design  , and the great drape and shape it creates.

Nymph Suri Aplaca Lace Weight Base: 

74% Baby Suri Alpaca, 26% Silk, 328 yards per 50 grams. This base is great to hold double, as well as on its own. It has a bit more tooth and grip than the pegasus mohair. I've used it on its own before in a fingering weight sweater, and the fabric it creates is stunning! See it here in my Spring Court Sweater. 

Lore Fingering Base:

85% Superwashed Merino Wool 15% Nylon 100 grams, 436 yards. Fingering Weight Sock Yarn - This is a high twist, worsted spun fingering weight yarn. That means that this yarn was combed through before they spun it into fingering weight yarn. With combing the yarn first, all the fibers are going the same direction, which causes less "pilling" with your knits. This is my ideal yarn for socks, as it holds that bounce that we love with merino, as well as being hard-wearing. 

Myth Fingering Base: 

75% Superwashed Merino Wool, 25% Nylon. 463 yards per 100 grams. This is a 4 ply high spun sock base that's great for all projects. The high spin on this base, and high nylon content makes your garment pill less over time. 

Beast Fingering Base:

100% NON Superwashed Highland Wool. 2 ply, 436 yards per 100 grams. This non-superwashed base Is an absolute dream to work with. This yarn is unique, in that it has a strand of black yarn being held through the majority of it. This base, being non superwashed, will need to be washed in cool water, as it will more than likely bleed the first few times washed. I recommend using a color catcher when wet blocking or washing this yarn. The hues dyed in this base are a beautiful, more subtle version of to typical color way shown. A photo will always be included with each listing this base is available on. 

*Goblin Slub Fingering Base:

90% Superwashed Merino Wool, 10% Nylon. 436 yards per 100 grams. This base is so much fun, and adds great texture to all patterns! great for shawls and sweaters. This fingering base has little 'bits' of wool that bunch up on the yarn, creating texture and interest. I don't know if I would recommend for socks, just because you will feel the bumps,  but all other projects would benefit from this base. 

Sprite Gold Sparkle Fingering Base: 

75% Superwashed Merino Wool, 20% Nylon, & 5% Gold Stellina. This is a two ply high twist base. The preferred gold sparkle in this base creates a great sparkle in the sun, but is not too overpowering for garments. I have enjoyed adding a little touch of glitz to many a sweater. 

Magic DK Base:

(Non Merino) 75% Superwashed Wool 25% Nylon. DK Weight. 100 Grams, 246 Yards. This longer staple DK yarn is my ideal go-to for DK sweaters. I call this yarn "Magic" because it takes so long for it to show signs of wear! Hands down, my favorite base for garments. It has a more toothy feel and grip, that it's perfect for color work.  

Fairytale DK Base: 

100% Superwashed Merino. 230 yards per 100 grams. This is one of my favorite bases that I carry. It creates a soft fabric that is perfect for garments. It is a woolen spun base, with a longer staple. This makes it so the pilling of the garment is less, but not quite gone. If you need a DK base that's soft, this is definitely the one for you. 

Storyteller Worsted Base:

100% Superwashed Merino Wool. 217 yards per 100 grams. This is a worsted spun base that creates a softy and lofty feel. The high merino content does mean that you will have to de-pill It more often, but the fabric it creates is worth it. 

Adventure Aran Base: 

100% Superwashed BFL. 181 yards per 100 grams. This toothy wool is perfect for garments, and so nice to work with. This is not your soft average merino yarn. You will love every stitch you knit with this toothy wool!